Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes Research 

Research Leaders: Susan Herrmann and Martin Duracinsky 

In collaboration with the School of Arts and Humanities our team is trialling a software platform that will deliver patient self-reports securely into the clinical consultation. One in five Australians is affected by multiple chronic diseases and quality of life is impacted. But in clinical care meaningful psychosocial information is not captured systematically, since assessment is largely paper-based and generates volumes of data complicating clinical decision making. 

Our platform is built using traditional clinical research methods and contemporary gaming techniques in partnership with doctors and patients as end users. The product is attractive and the flexibility of the design inherent in the platform makes it configurable enabling uptake to other contexts including hospitals and research environments. Patients will benefit by having their psychosocial needs met and doctor’s capacity to deliver holistic care will increase. Our product provides an end-to-end solution for self-reporting and data handling. Together with international partners we are piloting the platform in HIV care. Please contact Susan Herrmann on 08 9360 1376  if you are interested in hearing more about the trial. 

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