Our Values

Our values and guiding principles are aligned with those of Murdoch University 

  • Integrity
    We act with integrity and trust in the best interests of the University
    We defend and express academic freedom at all times with civility and responsibility
  • Respect and Diversity
    We are about people and for people, irrespective of background
    We embrace our collaborators and colleagues that support our endeavors
  • Purpose
    ‘Everything we do must matter’
    We are responding assertively to the changing needs of medical research and patient's
    To make a difference to patients lives and help cure disease
  • We are performance based, accountable and empowered
  • Excellence and Future-focus
    We promote the highest standards of intellectual inquiry and rigour
    We are future-focused and active in creating our success
    We embrace continuous improvement
    We strive to provide the highest quality research worldwide

Our History

Dr Simon Mallal, Clinical Immunologist at Royal Perth Hospital, started working with Professor Ian James, then Head of Mathematics at Murdoch University in 1990. His formal affiliation with the University began in 1991.

In 2000 the Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and the Vice-Chancellor of Murdoch University, Professor Val Alder and Professor Steven Schwartz respectively, recognised the successful research collaboration of Professor Simon Mallal and Professor Ian James, and formalised the arrangement by establishing the Centre for Clinical Immunology and Biomedical statistics (CCIBS) as a university research centre in partnership with Royal Perth Hospital.

The strong nexus between the Centre and the University was founded on the basic tenets of trust, mutual respect and recognition and understanding of the Centre’s world class medical research. These circumstances provided the ideal environment for the Centre to grow and flourish. The establishment of the Centre for Clinical Pharmacology and Infectious Diseases and the Centre for Thrombosis and Haemophilia led by Professor Elizabeth Phillips and Professor Ross Baker respectively, followed in 2006. This natural expansion led to the establishment of the Institute for Immunology and Infectious Diseases (IIID).

The Institute was formally established as a University research Institute by Academic Council (AC/107/2006) on 19 July 2006 following the endorsement of the University’s Research and Development Board (RDB2006/17). Funding for the Institute from the Commonwealth and State Governments was granted to establish a geographic identity for the Centre, with the intention of providing Western Australian medical researchers a home for the coordination of various research related programs and to leverage the critical mass of science infrastructure.