Nucleic acid- based assays

Pre- and post-PCR laboratories contain seven Biomek robotic liquid handling systems for automated, high-throughput assays. Additional automation is provided by a formulatrix Mantis and MagMax (pre-PCR). Robotics are used wherever possible in order to minimize manual handling of samples. IIID specializes in HLA and KIR genotyping, TCR and viral genome sequencing and has the capability to perform single cell nucleic acid sequencing. The Pre-PCR laboratory has 3 Biomek robots that are dedicated for DNA and RNA extraction from samples, PCR mastermix preparation and reaction set-up, including digital droplet PCR. The Post-PCR laboratory is used for all activities associated with amplified material and plasmids, using 4 Biomek liquid handling robotics. Sequencing is performed using the Illumina MiSeq sequencing platform.

DNA Sequencing

Sanger Sequencing on ABI SeqStudio

We offer a service for sequencing DNA on our ABI SeqStudio system. We also have access to ABI 3730XL equipment for higher throughput Sanger sequencing via the facilities located at the Murdoch SABC. Any number of samples are accepted but costs will vary based on the number of sequence reactions and preparation required.

  • Max cost per sample to run a prepared sample = $5

  • Max cost per sample to perform sequencing reaction and run = $8

Discounts are available for large volumes, guaranteed workloads and plate ready formats. We specialize in large volume low cost sequencing using automated systems which guarantee sample to data integrity.

Parallel sequencing using Illumina sequencing

We offer a full service for sequencing on the Illumina NovaSeq 6000, NextSeq and MiSeq platform (reads up to 2 x 300 bp). We are offering whole genome sequencing, Exome sequencing, RNAseq, CITE-Seq as well as a myriad of other specialised bulk and single cell technologies such as TCR sequencing and targeted gene sequencing including ASHI accredited HLA typing

Please enquire for costs of these services.

Note: The largest component cost in a project may be the bioinformatic handling required to manage sequencing output data.

Other Assays

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