Bulk RNAseq

We are able to perform bulk RNA seq on samples from various sources please inquire.

Single Cell RNASeq

Our proprietary single cell RNA seq workflows allow accurate single cell RNA profiling of single cells etc

ERAP Genotyping assay

The Endoplasmic Reticulum Aminopeptidase (ERAP) 1 and ERAP2 genes are responsible for the N terminal trimming of peptides before they are loaded onto HLA molecules for presentation to the immune system.  The ERAP1 and ERAP2 genes are extremely polymorphic and key SNPs can be utilised to identify the ERAP1/2 allotypes carried by an individual.

Our lab uses sequence-based typing using the Miseq Illumina platform to target 17 SNPs for ERAP1 and 2 SNPs for ERAP2. For NGS sequencing, multiple indexed amplicons are pooled together prior to sequencing using the Biomek Liquid handlers, which allows sample tracking and maintains data integrity. Sequencing of the amplicons is followed by identification of the specific SNP variants using the In-house developed visualising and analysis tool VGAS.

KIR genotyping

Presence absence (qPCR)

We are able to provide presence absence typing for KIR genotyping

NGS genotyping

We are able to perform more detailed in depth typing of KIR using NGS sequencing.