Hale School Science Excursion
August 8, 2016
IIID welcomed the Year 12 Biology and Human Biology students from Hale School for a scientific excursion...more


Professor Fiona Wood speaks about the impact of burn injury
August 4, 2016
One of WA's most highly-regarded surgeon's, Professor Fiona Wood, visited Murdoch University to present...more


The Naked Scientist hosts IIID's Cutting Edge Tools Workshop
May 6, 2016
As part of Perth's Science on the Swan conference, Dr Chris Smith of the Naked Scientists chaired a workshop at IIID...more


Dr Mina John receives WA DoH funding for HIV vaccine project
August 1, 2015
Dr Mina John has been presented with WA Department of Health Grant funding for her project on: "Preventing vaccine failure"...more

A common gut bacterium may protect women against MS, study finds
January 20, 2015
Professor Allan Kermode and collaborators including Professor Ian James have   click here to review the article...more

Professor Bruce Robinson, AM
May 27, 2015
IIID welcomed Professor Bruce Robinson, AM, who presented his talk on...more

Advances in Personalised Medicine: Science on the Swan Pre-Conference Workshop
April 20, 2015
IIID hosted a SotS pre-conference workshop, featuring talks from eminent speakers: Profs Simon Mallal and Elizabeth Phillips (Murdoch University), Dr Thomas Stricker (Vanderbilt University, USA), Prof Paul Waring (University of Melbourne), Prof David Thomas (Garvan Institute of Medical Research), Prof Jennifer Martin (University of Newcastle) and A/Prof Rob Trengove (Murdoch University)...more


Funding helps IIID researchers 'kiss' goodbye to MS
March 24, 2015
Professors David Nolan and Allan Kermode receive MSRA funding to investigate the link between Epstein-Barr virus and MS...more

Research shows HIV stigma strong
October 9, 2013
Study by Drs. Susan Herrmann and Elizabeth McKinnon reveals the impact of perceived HIV stigma...more

Blood clot warning following increase increased air travel
September 8, 2013
Professor Ross Baker from the WACTH at Murdoch University speaks to the West Australian about the risk of DVT...more


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